TOKS Klapa

VANCOUVER, BC: TAMBURICA ORCHESTRA KARDINAL STEPINAC (TOKS) TOKS Klapa TITLE: ‘Klapske pisme iz Dalmacije’ DESCRIPTION: After a long 4 year break, the seasoned singers are back to perform two songs: “Galeb i ja” and “Pismo moja hrli tamo”. Musical arrangements by TOOTS Music Director, Ante Prpić.  Nakon dugih četiri godine pauze, iskusni pjevači se vraćaju […]

TOKS Dance Ensemble

VANCOUVER, BC: TAMBURICA ORCHESTRA KARDINAL STEPINAC (TOKS) TOKS Dance Ensemble TITLE: ‘Slavonske Kraljice’ DESCRIPTION: During the Ottoman occupation of Croatia, Turkish soldiers would capture and train young boys as soldiers, often sending them to fight against their own people. In Gorjani, Slavonia, when few men remained to protect the village,women disguised themselves as men, scaring […]


VANCOUVER, BC: TAMBURICA ORCHESTRA KARDINAL STEPINAC (TOKS) TOKS TITLE: ‘U Hrvatskom gradu’ DESCRIPTION: For the tambura performance, the TOKS orchestra will be joined by the tambura school level3 students to play a medley of classic songs. The arrangement was made by Rudolph Cernkovich in the 1950’s in America.  Za tamburaški nastup, orkestar TOKS-a pridružit će […]


VICTORIA, BC: ZAGREB Hrvatski Vitezovi Intermediate TITLE: ‘Pjesme i plesovi iz Turopolja’ DESCRIPTION: Turopolje, in Posavina, south of Zagreb, borders the Sava river on the northeast, and Vukomeričke Gorice Hills to the southwest. The name Turopolje stems from the Croatian and old Slavic word “tur,” a type of wild cattle present in the Middle Ages. […]

Hrvatski Vitezovi Intermediate

VANCOUVER, BC: HRVATSKI VITEZOV Hrvatski Vitezovi Intermediate TITLE: ‘Ero s onoga svijeta’ DESCRIPTION: Ero s onoga svijeta (ero the joker), is Croatia’s best-known opera by Jakov Gotovac with libretto written by Milan Begović, based on folk tale. The root of the opera was at Vrlička česma in the town of Vrlika. It is a comic […]


VANCOUVER, BC: HRVATSKI VITEZOV Hrvatski Vitezovi TITLE: ‘Ej što mi je drago kad tambura svira’ DESCRIPTION: Slavonija is the largest and richest agricultural region in Croatia. The wealth of this region is reflected in the dances, songs and rich embroidery in their costumes, as well as decorative accessories such as “šticle” and “dukati”. Songs and […]

Domagoj III Small Group

EDMONTON, AB: DOMAGOJ Domagoj III Small Group TITLE: ‘Slavonija’ DESCRIPTION: Children’s folk songs are a valuable and important part of the overall Croatian traditional culture. They fully reflect the forms and ways in which children perceive reality, imbued with a cheerful and lively atmosphere, making them very interesting to today’s generation of children and useful […]

Domagoj II Junior Group

EDMONTON, AB: DOMAGOJ Domagoj II Junior Group TITLE: ‘Pokuplje’ DESCRIPTION: In Pokuplje, the Jastrebarsko Region has maintained their rich and ancient folklore traditions until today. In addition to the popular shaking dance (“drmeš“) done in closed reels or fours. Some dances are done only with vocal accompaniment. Instrumental accompaniment is most often done with two […]

Domagoj Alumni

EDMONTON, AB: DOMAGOJ Domagoj Alumni TITLE: ‘Kad zapivam i tijo i lipo: bački šokci’ DESCRIPTION: The Šokci are a Catholic population that emigrated from Bosnia to Slavonia and Bačka. This can be evidenced both by the folklore and the language of this ethnic group. Unlike the Bunjevci, they are not of Vlach origin and not […]


EDMONTON, AB: DOMAGOJ Domagoj TITLE: ‘Podravina’ DESCRIPTION: Podravina translates to, ‘near the Drava River’ and is a province of Croatia which rests between the Hungarian plains and the mountain range of Bilogora. Because of its proximity to the border with Hungary and history of domination by the Austro-Hungarian Empire, there is a predominant Hungarian influence […]